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Gettra is a 2d, open world, online RPG currently in development. You start out with nothing and have to kill mobs in order to level your character and hopefully loot items to help you become stronger.

Current stage of development

Currently, I am just getting basic functionality of features in.

Currently finished 'basic features':

  • Account and character creation (Allows for multiple characters under one account)
  • Movement, both on foot and mounted
  • Attacking players and mobs (DoTs included)
  • Item shops
  • Item upgrading
  • Inventory system (Allows rearranging and stacking of certain items)
  • Account banks (All characters share a bank, expanded inventory of sorts only accessible in certain areas)
  • Mount system (All mounts you obtain are account bound and shared between all of your characters)
  • Guild creation and management
  • Friend list management
  • Player versus player combat (Toggle-able, but not always preventable)
  • Chat (Scroll-able, world/guild/whispers/party)
  • World/seasonal events
  • Account titles

Planned basic features before Alpha stage:

  • Party system
  • Instanced Dungeons (1/3/5 man, semi scripted mechanics)
  • Instanced PvP Arena(s)
  • Entire world collision map
  • Mob AI
  • Player to player trading
  • Environmental 'interaction'
  • Guild versus Guild fighting
  • Scar system (added stats of sorts)

This is a 1 man project and seeing as I can only do programming and not artwork/graphics, I am in need of that. If you are interested in helping with this project, contact me through email: andrew@gettra.com

Check back regularly. I will update this information as things progress. Once I reach a certain point in the progression, I will allow people to download the client and jump in to help balance items and get more feedback on the mechanics of the game.

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